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We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We design online website solutions to help your business grow and expand across borders. 

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Services in

South Korea

From website design, to AI consulting and implementation, web3 integration, to premium managed hosting, we've got you covered. You're getting more than an agency, you're getting a partner with Konnected Solutions.

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What we do_

We have over 10+ years experience developing and creating websites for clients all over Asia and beyond. We primarily utilize Wordpress for customized website solutions (not from themes or templates), and Shopify for eCommerce websites.


We pride ourselves on being able to solve problems for clients. We develop solutions to make your business easier; whether it's bringing offline systems online, or optimizing logistics on existing sites, we'll provide solutions to make your life easier, and customers happier.

AI chatbot for your site_

Smarter, easier customer service with AI integration for your website with customized chatbots trained on your business. Customers get instant answers to questions, help with orders, and make your business run smoother, day and night. It's your new 24/7 worker that doesn't need sleep or time off, leading to happier customers for your business.

Save Time

Handles routine questions, so you can focus on growing your business.

Trained for You

Tailored specifically for your business and contents about your company.

Cost Effective

Replaces need for extra customer service workers or increasing hours.

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Manged hosting solutions_

Plain and simple; we manage your hosting, and you never have to think about it. We control all our servers, utilizing a developer heavy optimized stack, custom-tailored to Wordpress performance. We utilize ultra high performance servers at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for other hosting solutions companies.

Performance is key_

We manage servers worldwide depending on where your primary customer base is, and optimize it for performance worldwide. We primarily utilize Vultr HF servers, which then have a custom-built performance and optimized stack on top, resulting in amazing speed, accessibility, customizability, and scalability. If you need more room, or more performance, we scale it. No need to worry; downtime is not an option.

Website Design
AI Consulting
Premium Managed Hosting
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Konnected Solutions is Canadian-owned company, providing website design solutions and managed hosting to South Korea, Thailand, Japan, the rest of Asia and beyond.

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